AG Retailers Reaffirm Commitment to Environmental Stewardship - 09/21/15

ACWA water conservation project to focus on Elk Run Watershed - 03/09/2015

ACWA supports collaboration and conservation to protect water quality - 01/25/2015

State Agriculture Cooperatives Agree on Best Environmental Practices - 09/30/2014

Hagie Manufacturing Enters into Offsite Location with Iowa State University Research Park - 09/09/2014

Agriculture???s Clean Water Alliance welcomes Hagie Manufacturing Company as new partner - 05/14/2014

ACWA program, funding supports farmers??? water quality protection, conservation efforts - 01/29/2014

A Push Is on for Iowa to clean up its water - 11/09/2013

Tour highlights environmental work of farmers - 10/24/2013

Urban, rural interests embrace water quality - 10/24/2013

Ag Clean Water Alliance, Des Moines Water Works Share Same Goal, But Differ On Approach To Water Resource Protection - 06/28/2013

Ill-Timed Criticism of Voluntary Farmer-Led Conservation Practices, Nutrient Reduction Strategy Counterproductive - 06/11/2013

Boone River Watershed named Water to Watch for 2012 - 05/02/2011

Ag suppliers recommit to Code of Practice for Nitrogen Fertilization - 10/03/2011

Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance receives Environmental Impact Award - 05/20/2011


ACWA 2016 Code of Practice for Nitrogen Fertilization – 10/07/16

ACWA 2015 Code of Practice for Nitrogen Fertilization – 9/22/15

ACWA 2014 Code of Practice for Nitrogen Fertilization - 10/17/2014

2013 Annual Report - Entire Report 2.6 MB PDF

2012 Annual Report - Entire Report 1.6 MB PDF

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2008 Progress Report - Entire Report 2.3 MB PDF

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2005 How We Got Here - and Where to Look in the Future - Entire Report - 1 MB PDF

2002 Environmental Code Of Practice For Fall Nitrogen FertiIzation PDF


ACWA Growth & Evaluation - PDF

2010 Des Moines & Racoon River Targeted Watershed Projects - MAP

Water Monitoring Sites and Selected Data- MAP


ACWA Endorses Iowa Water and Land Legacy Initiative (IWILL) on November 2nd Ballot
The ACWA Board has voted to support the IWILL initiative to provide a trust fund for land and water conservation projects in Iowa and encourages others to vote to support this initiative. Read the editorial explaining the initiative.

Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance elects officers 02/03/10

Ag Suppliers Reaffirm Fall Nitrogen Code of Practice

Ag Suppliers Agree to Fall Nitrogen Code of Practice

ACWA Supports Governor's Iowa High School Water Summit

ACWA: Ag Suppliers Agree to Fall Nitrogen Code of Practice

ACWA Update 10/02/08
ACWA/Bioreactor Install 07/31/08